Prince tea house: Prince tea is back and it’s better than ever

Prince tea has been back on the menu in Prince George’s home for the past month after a three-month hiatus.

The prince’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, who is a teetotaler, said her father, Prince Charles, would cook the Prince’s famous chocolates when they visit London and was thrilled with the new offerings.

“I love to cook, I like to eat.

I’m very excited about it,” she told The Times newspaper.

“The tea is always amazing.

It’s really good and it tastes like fresh air.”

The Prince’s first cup of Prince Charles’ famous tea, tea-flavoured chocolacies, was served at his residence on April 15.

“The tea was delicious.

It was lovely, delicious,” the Princess said.”

When I first saw it I was very impressed, it’s a wonderful taste.”

It was not like anything I had ever tasted before, so I couldn’t wait to try it.

“He’s very much a tea guy, he’s very passionate about it and he wants it to be good.”

While there were no teapots for the royal couple to use at their home, the prince was given a pair of tea-makers by the Princess to test out the new teapot.

He said the new “lifestyle” of the Prince and Princess was a welcome change from the past.

“For me, it was very exciting, it felt good, it made me feel good,” he said.

“They were very happy with it.”

The new teacups were made by the company Crayola in the UK.

They were created by the “Tea Maker for the Royal Family” programme and are currently available for purchase at a Prince’s private estate.

The Prince and princess were joined at the private home on April 18 by their parents and siblings for tea.

“Prince Charles has always been very supportive and he really wants to help make the new tea the best,” Princess Eugensie said.

“He has a passion for tea and it makes it so much easier.”

The prince, who has recently been visiting his family in Scotland, said he was keen to get back to his favourite food and drink.

“We love chocolate, we love to eat chocolate, it just makes us feel very good,” the prince said.