World Cup winners will have their tea at Bubbles tea store

Bubbles Tea has been named as the winner of the prestigious World Cup in the UK for 2018.

The company, which is based in Bath, is the second British company to win the prestigious competition after Lidl.

The tea brand is expected to win £5 million from the tournament.

In addition to the £1 million prize, the winning tea will also be used to support a charity.

The winner will also receive a certificate of appreciation from the tea brand.

In 2019, Bubbles will also win a £10,000 award from the UK-based Beverage and Beverage Retailers Association (BARBRA).

The cup-winning company will be supported by an advertising campaign to promote its brands across the UK.

“We are excited to have been named in the Best British Cup and we will be working with all of the winners to help them to launch their new products in the coming weeks,” said Bubbles co-founder and CEO Alex Williams.

“Our brand has always been based on simplicity and quality and this award is an opportunity for us to show what we have been working on to bring our customers the best value for money.”

The competition was launched in 2014, with the winners chosen by the World Cup organising committee, the International Cup Committee, the BBC and the BBC Worldwide TV Awards.