How to brew Pu Erh Tea for the Benefit of Ginger Tea

How to Brew Pu Erp Tea for Ginger Tea Recipe:The ingredients of Pu Errh Tea include ginger, black tea, sugar, and cinnamon.

These ingredients are usually used together to make the traditional Pu Errh tea.

However, you can add more sugar to make it more sweet, and you can also use spices to add spice.

The ginger tea is also known as ginger tea for ginger, as the spices and ginger extract are used together.

Here are the main ingredients:Ginger tea contains the following ingredients:Black tea is the main ingredient of Puerh Tea.

Black tea contains:The black tea is typically used to make Pu Errrh tea, and it is also a very popular choice for those with ginger sensitivity.

The tea is very high in antioxidants, and can help treat colds, allergies, and a variety of other ailments.

You can make Puerrh tea at home by using a tea bag and a cup of water.

To brew Puerrrh tea, first use a tea kettle and then fill the tea kettle up with water.

Pour the water into the tea pot, and add your ginger tea to the kettle.

Then add sugar to the tea.

The mixture will boil very quickly, and the tea will become thick and sticky.

After a few minutes, the mixture will begin to cool, and when it cools, you will be able to stir it.

If you are using a regular kettle, pour it into a teapot.

Once it cool, you’ll have the perfect cup of Puerrrh tea.

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