When the raspberry leaf tastes like weed and it doesn’t smell like a raspberry leaf

The leaves smell like fresh-cut leaves and have a fruity, earthy smell.

This makes them a good choice for a quick, herb-infused beverage or to take with a snack.

Raspberry Leaf Tea Ingredients1 cup water1 cup powdered raspberries, cut into 1-inch pieces1 cup sugar1 cup coconut milk, packed 1 cup water2 cups filtered water3 tablespoons black pepper1 tablespoon dried lavender1 teaspoon dried lavandula1 teaspoon black pepperBlack Pepper is a pepper-infusion flavoring.

Lavender is a fragrance ingredient.1.

Put all the ingredients in a blender.2.

Blend until it looks like this:3.

Pour into a mug or tea cup, top with ice cubes and enjoy.