Starbucks is offering a new hybrid tea blend for the holidays

Starbucks is making the green tea tea blend it has been making for years available in a new package, according to the coffee chain’s blog.

The new “Starbucks Green Tea” blend comes with a range of flavors, ranging from vanilla to blackberry to chocolate.

The blend is part of the Starbucks brand, which is the first major brand to offer it on the holidays.

The coffee chain also said it was adding “Starburst” tea to the mix, which combines the two coffee drinks.

The brand will be available at Starbucks stores starting Friday.

The blog post describes the new blend as “one of the most exciting and flavorful beverages Starbucks has ever produced,” including the flavors listed above.

Starbucks has been using green tea blends since the 1960s, but the company stopped making them in 2014.

The company has been slowly ramping up its green tea selection since the 2016 holiday season, which coincided with the launch of its $2-a-cup coffees.