Twinings Tea and Twinings Brewing release their beer in celebration of Twinings Birthday

Two weeks ago, Twinings Coffeehouse in Brooklyn opened to the public to celebrate Twinings birthday.

On Wednesday, the coffeehouse will host its first Twinings release: Twinings Pomegranate Ale.

The brew will be a double IPA, with a 10 percent ABV.

It is brewed with Pomegara pomegranates and a touch of honey. 

“We wanted to create a new kind of beer that was bold, flavorful, and full-bodied,” Twinings COO and brewmaster James Loughlin said in a press release.

“Pomegora pomegala is a great addition to Twinings’ lineup of beers, and it pairs well with the beer we’re making with Twinings.”

Pomegranatas are widely known for their high pomegano and citrus flavors, and they also grow very high in sugar.

That makes the fruit an ideal candidate for a fruit-forward beer, according to the press release, which cites “experts who have tested Pomegalos on many other brands of fruit, including apple, banana, peach, and cherry.”

The release notes that Twinings is partnering with a new brewhouse to bring the new brew.