Iran tea is back with new name, label, packaging: China

Iranian tea is a mix of local plants, including oolongs, and imported Chinese herbs.

In Iran, tea is traditionally made by drying the leaves and mixing them with sugar, which is added to the tea.

But as a result, the taste of the tea can vary widely, depending on which plant it comes from.

Today, Iranian tea companies are starting to market tea made with a local tea culture.

That culture comes from China, and the Chinese tea industry is growing.

Chinese tea tea is more expensive than other types of tea, but that’s part of the appeal.

“Chinese tea is known for being a rich and complex tea, which in turn makes it an excellent source of nutrition,” says Ali Farhadi, a professor of tea and coffee industry at the University of Tehran.

The Iranian brand, Chosun, is making a line of premium premium tea that’s being marketed in China as the world’s most expensive.

“It’s a very premium tea and it’s not made by other tea brands,” says Farhani.

“In China, there are very few quality tea brands and these brands are made by China’s biggest tea producer, Jinhua.

These brands are very expensive, and so they are very important to the Chinese economy.”

Iran’s Tea Market is growing rapidly as Iran has become a global tea hub and its tea industry has grown to a $200 billion market.

But Iran has a lot to learn from China’s success.

“There are still a lot of tea markets outside of Iran,” says Fars, “and so we have to take advantage of the fact that the tea industry here is growing.”

And Iran is hoping to use that success to build a better tea industry.

“We’ve learned a lot about making premium tea,” says Amir Shahroudi, CEO of Iran Tea, a small tea company that produces premium tea at its factory in the city of Karaj.

“As a country that’s trying to compete with the global tea market, we have the opportunity to be part of this market.

We’ve created a whole brand.”

The company is working with Jinhua to develop a brand that combines the taste and quality of the Chinese brand with Iranian culture.

The company plans to start production of premium tea this year.

The brand, which will be called “Granpa,” is the latest in a series of premium teas by Iranian tea producers.

The new brand will be made with local and imported tea.

“These are tea products that are produced by the tea production companies and not imported tea,” Farhari says.

“Ganpa is a premium tea, made with Iranian tea, and we are proud of that.”