How will the Warriors get through the Super League?

It’s not the only time they’ve had to take the leap, but the Warriors are a lot more comfortable with it than they were last season.

They have only lost once in the Super Lig this year and have scored an impressive 38 goals.

The last time they lost was to Melbourne Victory on February 12 and the first loss in 12 matches was to the Warriors in round three.

They are also just one point behind the Roosters in the top six with 12 games to play.

The NRL’s competition committee will be meeting at the start of June to decide whether to accept a request from the Warriors for a Super League expansion bid, according to a source close to the matter.

They’re also looking at a potential Super League finals series with the Bulldogs.

They’re already eyeing a return to the Super Rugby championship for the first time since 2012, with the club having played 13 games in the league and winning two in a row in the process.

A return to their old form could see them back in the finals after a six-year absence.

While the Warriors were already looking to play in the NRL this season, they’ve struggled this season as they’ve lost their last four matches.

The Warriors were the highest-scoring team in the competition with 51 tries and scored 23 tries in the final two rounds.

The Rabbitohs were second on the ground with 43 tries but finished with only two wins.

The Roostons were third with 39 tries and won five games in a bid to make it to the grand final.

It could be that the Warriors will be looking to return to NRL glory next season, and the Roasters could be the team to do it.

The club has had an off-season with a major overhaul, with many key personnel leaving and a number of key players taking on new contracts.

They’ve also hired a new coach in Matt Cecchin, a former assistant coach at the Dragons and Cronulla, and are looking to re-sign their players.

Despite the big changes, they’ll still be the biggest club in the state.

But what happens if they don’t win a Super Rugby title?

The Roostards have a massive advantage over the Warriors as they’re playing in a much better environment, but that could change.

The Warriors’ home ground is the Eden Park, home of the Warriors, which is an eight-hour drive away from Perth.

The same applies for the Roasters’ home turf, GIO Stadium, which sits on the northern tip of the island.

However, the Warriors have the edge as they are the only team that have played at the same ground in three seasons.

If the Roosterys win the competition and they don�t finish higher than fifth they will finish ninth and be guaranteed a Super Likernation.

If they don��t win the Super Series they could finish ninth in the standings and could get into the finals.

Meanwhile, the Roos will be playing at home against the Dragons on Saturday night.

It�ll be the first game in the season for the Warriors since winning the Grand Final in 2016.

Injuries have affected the Roo squad and some of the best players will miss out, but coach John Longmire will expect them to play with confidence.

Longmire will have to take a big gamble to secure the best possible result for the club.

He can go for the Grand Slam and he can go and have a good game, but it will be hard to win a grand slam with injuries.

And if the Rooneys win, will they be a serious contender for a grand final berth?

It remains to be seen if the players will be able to recover quickly enough.

There is no guarantee the Roones will be on top of the game.

The Dragons are currently ninth in their division and will be coming off a win against the Rooms in round eight.

They will be a tough team to beat.

For the Roors, it’s a chance to finish top of their division but a tough task to get there.

Their game is going to be very different from last year when they beat the Warriors and the Titans.

They had the best defence in the division and played some of their best footy of the season.

All eyes will be watching the Roarks game against the Warriors to see if they can replicate their success last season and have an upset chance to beat the Dragons.

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