Peace Tea Flavors are now available in Colorado and New Mexico, says tea maker

The Colorado Springs, CO tea maker has a lot to say about tea flavors.

The tea company has created a brand new line of flavors called Peace Tea, and the flavors have been available in the US, New Mexico and Colorado. 

This is part of a push by the company to expand its product portfolio and provide consumers with more choices in the marketplace, including its own brand of tea, called PeaceTea.

“We think that the way to get to a sustainable future is to have multiple products to choose from,” said Peace Tea founder and CEO Ryan Mullein.

“There’s a lot of different options in terms of what we do, what we make and how we do it.”

Mullein says PeaceTea has had a few problems in the past few years, including one of its most popular flavors, Red Mountain, not being able to be sold in Colorado due to regulations.

“The reason we had Red Mountain was that the Tea Alliance was trying to do a deal with them to allow them to do that, and they didn’t get the OK,” Mullein said. 

He says this time around, the company is hoping that its new flavors will be approved.

“It’s important to have the ability to create different flavors that are going to appeal to different tastes, to different consumers, so we think it’s a good thing,” Mulleinsaid.

Mulleins company, which is based in Austin, Texas, has been producing tea for more than 20 years and Mullein says his goal is to produce about 20,000 tons of tea annually.

Mulles Tea says its new tea flavors have a range of tastes from sweet and salty to sour and bitter, but also sweet and bitter.

“We’ve been working really hard on the flavors, so you can taste what the tea is really like and then you can pick out the tea you’re looking for,” Mulleeinsaid of the flavors.

One of the new flavors, White Chocolate, is a blend of roasted dark chocolate and espresso coffee.

The company also is working on a flavor called Pinky, a mix of lemon, orange and pink pepper.

Milklein says it’s important that tea companies continue to produce their products.

“I think it is very important that companies are making tea products that consumers are going see in the market,” Mullieksaid.

“I think that’s really important because it creates a better consumer experience.”

Milkleins tea is one of the companies that is part-owned by Starbucks, which sells its products in about 60 countries.

MulaLands founder and president, Tim Mulleis, says he is excited to have a company that he believes is making the tea industry a healthier place.

“My biggest goal is that my tea company becomes a sustainable enterprise that has a long term goal in mind, and that’s to make tea into something people can enjoy in a sustainable way,” Mullinsaid said.

It’s clear that there is a lot that needs to be done, and Mullees company is working to make sure that happens. 

Mulley’s Tea Company is the latest tea company to launch a new product line, including tea bags, tins, and bags of tea.

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